DNS Records help provide information about a domain, and how to handle requests for that domain. All types of domains are required to have a few DNS records so that a user an access their website using a domain name.

Some of the common types of DNS records include:

A Record

This record maps a domain name to the IP address. It uses a domain name to find the IP address of a computer connected to the internet. A records are the simplest type of DNS record and is a primary record used for DNS records.

A records are also known as subdomains, which is a reference to a subdirectory on the website. An example is that a websites address may be "website.com", while its subdomain could be "blog.website.com" or "store.website.com".

CNAME Record

A CNAME record always points to another domain name, and not an IP address. An example is how "www.google.com" and "google.com" both point toward the same application.

MX Record

A MX record tells email delivery services where to actually deliver an email.

TXT Record

A TXT record gives the ability to associate text with a specific zone. This allows administrators to store any text notes into DNS records. They are often used for email security and proving ownership of a domain.

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