If your domain is registered with Bizwise:

1. To manage your DNS Records, you first have to login to your account at bizwise.com. Next, go to the website editor which can be found under the "My Apps" section.

2. Once in the editor, navigate to the "Preferences" section, found at the bottom left of the editor.

3. Once in the preferences section, look for the "Domains" section, where you will see a "Manage Domain Settings" button.

4. From there, you should see this screen where you can then press "Add Record" to add a new DNS record.

5. There are four different records you can add, A Records, CNAME Records, MX Records, and TXT Records.

  • A Records use an IP address to connect your domain or subdomain to a website

  • CNAME Records use a subdomain such as "email" or "blog" to point your domain to another domain name, or URL

  • MX Records are used to determine where your email gets delivered

  • TXT Records are usually used to verify domain ownership, SSL verification, and email sender policies

6. Once you have successfully filled out the required fields for your record, you will see this confirmation that you have succeeded.

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