1. In order to buy a new custom domain, you first have to login to your account at bizwise.com. Next, go to the website editor, which can be found under the "My Apps" section.

2. Once in the editor, navigate to the "Preferences" section, found at the bottom left of the editor.

3. Inside of "Preferences", you will see the "Domains" section, which should have your existing domain, as well as a "Add Custom Domain" button.

4. Click the "Buy a New Domain" button, and from there you can type in and search for your desired domain that you want.

5. From there, a list of available domains will popup. If the exact domain isn't available, other similar domains will be shown which you can choose from. Once you find the one you want, click the shopping cart icon to proceed.

If you currently have a free account:

1. If you have a free account, you will be prompted to buy any plan, and you will be able to get your domain free for the first year (for domains under $12/yr).

2. From there, you will be prompted to choose a plan, either the premium or elite plan. Select your desired plan, and enter your payment and billing information. If your payment is successful, you will be prompted to continue connecting your domain.

3. If your email address has not been confirmed yet, you will be prompted to first confirm your email, then go back to the modal to continue selecting a plan.

4. In rare circumstances, you may face an error that says to "Join Our Waitlist". This occurs when custom domains are not available at that moment, but once it is available we will notify you and set it up.

If you currently have a paid account:

1. If you already have a paid account, will be be directly prompted to pay for the new domain. If your payment info wasn't saved, you may have to enter your payment and billing info again.

2. If successful, you will see this screen meaning the process is done.

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