1. Firstly, login to your account at bizwise.com. Next, go to the website editor which can be found under the "My Apps" section.

2. You will see the "Domain" section, which should have your existing domain, as well as an "Edit" button next to it.

3. Once you've made your changes, if there are no errors, you can save your changes.

5. There are a few error messages that you may occur. "This domain is unavailable" means the temporary URL is already in use. "This Domain may contain explicit content" means that you've used explicit words in your domain. For exceptions, please contact us to learn more. "This domain is invalid" means you are not following certain syntax rules. These include the domain being longer than 63 characters long, including symbols other than a hyphen, starting or ending the domain with a hyphen, and having consecutive hyphens.

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