Nameservers are servers on the internet that help handle queries about the location of a domains name. It can be thought of as the "phone book of the internet" since it helps to connect URL's with the IP addresses of web servers. For example, when you type "" and search, your browser actually sends that request to the domains nameserver. From there, the nameserver sends back the IP address of "" and your browser then requests and retrieves the content of the website. By using a nameserver connection, we are able to host your DNS record so that we can manage it directly.

Record pointing is when you map your domain name to the IP address of the computer hosting the domain. When using this method, your DNS host hosts your domain's DNS records, so you must manage it with them.

We recommend you connecting your domain using nameservers for a few reasons. When you connect via nameservers, we are able to offer support and assist you in the process of creating DNS records. However, if you connect to us via record pointing, you will need to contact your existing domain host for any issues.

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