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Adding a Payment Method
Adding a Payment Method

How to add and update payment methods in your Bizwise account

Written by Wyatt Homewood
Updated over a week ago

To add a new payment method login to your Bizwise account, which you can do here.

Next, under MY APPS menu which can be found on the left sidebar, click on the Settings app.

Once in the Settings app, navigate to Billing, which can be found under COMPANY on the left sidebar.

Once in Billing, you'll see all your payment info such as any existing payment methods, your subscriptions, and your payment history. To add a new payment method, click on the Add Payment Section on the top of the page.

Next, you can fill out the required information for your new card. When done click Add.

Removing a Payment Method Or Making a Payment Method Default

1. Click the three dots beside your payment method.

2. Next, click the Remove payment method button if you want to remove the card from your account, or click Make primary if you want it to be the default payment method on your account.

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