What we'll cover in this guide:

  • How to create a Google analytics account and get a tracking ID.

  • Where and how to add your tracking ID within the editor.

  • Where to go to view the traffic to your website

  1. To create an account go to the Google Analytics website and fill out the set up details. This guide by Google will walk you through how to set up your analytics property to retrieve your tracking ID.

    Note: both Universal analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties are supported through the editor, so you can choose to set up either when following the linked instructions.

  2. Once you've gotten your tracking ID you can add it through the editor by:

    i) Logging in to bizwise.com and then navigating to the editor.
    ii) Once in the editor select the "App Integrations" tab followed by selecting the
    tab labelled "Third Party Integrations".

    iii) Click add a third party integration:and then select Google Analytics in the pop-up and then click Add:

    Then select Sender in the pop-up and then click Add:

    iv) You will now be presented with a screen where you can add your tracking id, as well as select the pages that google analytics will track data for.

    Once you've saved your tracking ID click save, and flip the toggle switch to activate tracking.

    v) Publish your site! Once complete google analytics will track events on your selected pages!

  3. Now that you've got Analytics added you can see data being tracked by logging into your Google Analytics account.

    You'll now be able to see that the traffic on your website, as well as vital stats like engagement time, events on the site, geographical breakdown of visitors, and more!

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