What we'll cover in this guide:

  • How to create a Sender Account and build your first lead collection form.

  • Where in the editor to add the provided Code and how to add the form to a page.

  • Where and how to make a mass email, and how to send it to your audience.

  1. To create an account with Sender navigate to their website and click 'Register', from which Sender will walk you through the information they need to finish the process.

  2. Once you've finished the sign up process you will be on a page prompting you to do various things like import contacts, create and send a campaign, or view a report. We don't need to worry about any of these right now so we'll focus on creating a form.

    To create a form:

    i) On the left hand side bar you'll see a link titled "Forms". Click on this link to get taken to a page which displays all of your currently existing forms.

    ii) On this new page you should see a button in the upper right reading
    "Create a new form" clicking this button will take you to the form creation page.

    iii) You will be prompted to name your form. Following this you will have a choice
    of Embedded or Popup form. Currently our sites are built with the embedded
    form in mind. You will now have to choose between two layouts which make
    no difference regardless of which you pick, aside from visual changes.

    iv) You'll now find yourself on a page which offer various choices of how to
    change various settings related to the visual design of the form, and the
    inputs that the form can take on. Describing every aspect of this screen is
    outside of the scope of this guide, but it is worth noting that on the left
    menu Sender has a Help & Support link which opens their own knowledge
    base. When you're ready click save and continue to publish your form.

  3. After the form is saved you should see code similar to below. Take note of the form URL labelled in red below. We're now ready to add the form in the editor.

    To add the form in the Editor you will:

    i) Log in to bizwise.com and then navigate to the editor.

    ii) Once in the editor select the "App Integrations" tab followed by selecting the
    tab labelled "Third Party Integrations".

    iii) Click add a third party integration:and then select Sender in the pop-up and then click Add:

    Then select Sender in the pop-up and then click Add:

    iv) You will now be presented with a field to input the form url from earlier.

    v) Press save, this will take you back to your list of added integrations. Toggling the switch will enable the ability to add the form to your pages. Navigate to the page you want to add the form to, and click the add a section modal. You will be able to see it under the category section integrations.

  4. At this point you're ready to return to Sender and click the option labelled "Create and send your first campaign" Don't worry if "import your contacts" Is still present, clicking the option for campaigns will bring up a "Create a campaign" button.

    Clicking this button will bring up a series of instructions which allow you to build your email campaign, as well as send to your newly collected leads!

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