In this guide we'll be walking you through adding Jivochat to your website using the editor.

First you'll want to sign up for an account with Jivochat here. Signing up is a very straightforward process which will ask some basic questions for how you intend to use Jivochat.

You should eventually end up at a page that looks like this:

Either keep this screen open, or click the Copy to Clipboard button.

Now login to your Bizwise account.

After successfully logging in navigate to the website editor.

Once in the website editor you can navigate to the following screens:

App Integrations:

Third Party Integrations:

Add a third party integration:

Scroll to Jivochat, click on it to select it, and then click 'Add'

After you've added the integration you should have been directed to a screen like the one below. Take the code that Jivochat provided earlier and paste it in the field labelled "Installation code".

Once added hit save and then publish.

After your website has finished publishing you should be able to go to your live website and confirm that the jivochat integration has been successfully published, seeing something like below:

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