Facebook Pixel Guide

In this guide we'll go over where you can find your Pixel ID for tracking events on your website, and how to add it using the editor.

Written by Wyatt Homewood
Updated over a week ago

To get your Facebook Pixel ID you can follow the guide Facebook provides here to create your pixel.

Follow the steps for manually adding your pixel code to your website. you should eventually be provided code that looks like this:

You only need to make note of the line: fpq('init', '{your-id}'}; specifically copy the ID within the curly braces.

Before finishing the steps listed in the guide above navigate to bizwise.com to log in to your account and then navigate to the editor.

Once in the website editor you can navigate to the following screens:

App Integrations:

Third Party Integrations:

Add a third party integration:

Scroll to Facebook Pixel, click on it to select it, and then click 'Add'

You should now find yourself on a screen where you can add the previously copied Pixel ID:

Press save, this will take you back to the list of your added integrations. Toggling the switch will enable the pixel on your site.

Now you can publish your website. Wait for that to finish. Once it is done you can complete the steps in the guide by Facebook, and your pixel should be tracking the events that you've set up.

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