To add a blog to your website start by reaching out to Bizwise using the chat bubble on our Website. A representative will get you set up with an account that you can use to write and schedule posts.

DropInBlog is connected to a specific page during setup which by default we will set to be In the rest of this article we will walk you through where you can go to change the page.

If you want to change the page the blog appears on you can go to DropInBlog and log in using the credentials provided during set up.

Once logged in you can click on settings in the top navigation bar:

After clicking Settings you should see a field for Blog URL, update this to the page that you want to change it to:

After clicking save you're ready to make changes in the editor.

To change the page your blog appears on your website:

Login to your Bizwise account and then navigate to the editor.

Navigate to the page you want to add the blog to using the left-hand side bar.

Then click "add a section". In the pop-up select the "section integrations" category and you should see an option for drop in blog.

Select it and click add. You'll then be able to reposition it like any other section on your page.

Press publish and once it's done you'll be able to see the blog on the new page.

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